About the Wedding

2505877104_3ae1e05c0fWhen is the wedding?

The wedding is on May 18, 2013 in Vancouver BC.

What kind of wedding is it?

A fun wedding!

We hope.

We’re pretty non-traditional folks, so we’re having a non-traditional ceremony; non-religious, but still reverent.We’re not having a wedding party- it’s too difficult to choose! Our families and friends make us who we are- an amalgamation of so many different cultures and traditions. The celebration embraces all of the above through the concepts of radical self-expression, participation and immediacy- it’s our gift to you, our loved ones.

How do I get there?

There are a number of options available for folks attending. There’s metered street parking in the blocks surrounding the venue, which is also quite transit accessible. Check out our Vancouver page for options!

Is there a theme?

Yes. Hooray for everything!

Is there a dress code? What should I wear?xlarge

Well, if there were to be a dress code, we’d be calling it Burner Chic. Or just plain chic. Or FAAAAABULOUS. We’re colourful people, and you’re our colourful friends and family. Wear something fancy! Or frivolous! Whatever makes you feel good as a dressup ensemble will do. The venue asks that people don’t wear stilettos or cleats, so please leave your golf shoes at home. Check out FAQs and gallery for ensemble ideas.

Can I smoke?

This venue, like all in Vancouver, is smoke-free. There is, however, a courtyard smoking area outside.

Is there a bar? Is it host or cash?

Yes, there is a bar- The venue provides it. Bar drinks will be $5 each, per the venue. There will be non-alcoholic beverages available at no cost.

I’d love to help out! What can I do?

First off, thanks for wanting to give us the amazing gift of your time! Please feel free to contact us with your intention to help and/or what you have in mind.

May I bring a date? 

If they’ve received an invitation with their name on it, then bring ‘em along!  Sadly, we can’t accomodate +1s due to space and cost considerations. Since you’ve been invited, you’ll definitely know people there. And it’s a great opportunity to make new friends!

May I bring my kids?

If they’ve received an invitation with their name, then hells yes! Because of size constraints and the adult-orientated nature of our wedding, we can unfortunately not accomodate wee ones. Think of it as a date night!

Where are you registered?

The short answer: We’re not.

The long answer: We’re both pretty established with our household things, and don’t really need more stuff. We’re focusing more on jettisoning our extras, and saving to purchase our home in the near future. We’ve got all the furniture, camping gear, kitchen wares, sports stuff, craft crap, and luxury items that we need.  Except for our Burning Man tickets. Or a hot tub or a sauna, but that comes with home ownership. We love the fact that you’d like to get us a gift, but don’t really know what we need. If you need inspiration, please take a peek at our “About us” page. And thank-you!