Frequently Asked Questions

I’d love to help out! What can I do?

First off, thanks for wanting to be part of this wicked fiasco! If you’d like to lend a hand somehow- helping with setup or teardown, lending costumes or decor, music or mayhem, anything really- just contact us and let us know what you’d like to offer. Time is an amazing gift- thanks in advance to anyone who’s like to spend some on us!

Details! I need details! What time should I be there? Will there be food? A bar?

All will be revealed. Because of our need to keep a cap on numbers, we’re making this information accessible only to those whom are invited. Please be discreet if discussing our wedding with others. If there’s something you really need to know, please contact us.

How do I get around? How do I get there?

Check out our Vancouver page. It’s rife with information

Can I bring a date/friend/etc? Is this a child-friendly event?

If they’ve an invitation with their name on it, then yes. Because of space and financial limitations, we cannot accomodate +1s.

While we’re child-friendly people, this isn’t really a wee folk-friendly event. We’d encourage those with kids to look upon this as a date night and plan childcare accordingly. If you’re coming in from out of town with kids, please contact us to discuss options.

Is there a dress code? What should I wear?

Burner Chic! What the hell is that, you might ask. Well, we’d like you to wear your fanciest and most fabulous finery. Silly hats, shiny pants and slinky dresses are all awesome! We’re colourful people, and we like colourful clothes. Just make sure that your outfits are comfortable enough to dance and bounce and play in. Check out our gallery and the links above for outfit ideas.

What shoes should/shouldn’t I wear?

Wear comfortable shoes that you can dance in and take off and on. The venue asks that we refrain from wearing stilettos or cleats as the floors are hardwood.

Does the Big Day have a theme?

Hooray for Everything!

Is the location accessible?

The main floor is accessible through the side entrance, where there are three accessible washrooms. There is a second floor, led up to by stairs.

Can I take pictures?

There will be times during the event that we ask no photos be taken. Other than that, snap away! We kindly ask that you refrain from posting pictures to Facebook or other social networking sites for a few days to allow us to break the big news. Thank-you in advance.

Is there a gift registry?

The short answer: Nope.

The long answer: We’re both pretty established with our household things, and don’t really need more stuff. We’ve got all the furniture, camping gear, kitchen wares, sports stuff, craft crap, and luxury items that we need, now we’re saving up for a home to keep it all contained! ¬†We love the fact that you’d like to get us a gift, but don’t really know what we need. For inspiration, please take a peek at our “About us” page. And thanks!

I love your website, and never want it to end! What can I do?

Go here. You now have the tools to waste entire days. You are welcome.